About Ian Daelucian: Candidate for Irvine City Council 2016


Irvine resident, 7+ years.
Double B.A. and MFA from the University of California, Irvine in Philosophy & Drama, and Stage Management.
Project Manager in Irvine, 10+ years.
Founder, Executive Director of The Heart of Delight, an Irvine-based 501(c)3 nonprofit.


A Question of Politics

A question I get most often is, “why are you getting into politics?”

My response simply is: “I am not, nor do I have the desire.”

I am affirming a leadership role and embracing the duty of a responsible global citizen in a local community to realize a vision of a sustainable future.

Politics divides people by its nature. Imagine if all 11 city council candidates worked together to solve the issues we face instead of being pitted against one another in a race to the finish line. Politics, by its nature, is competitive and not cooperative. To realize our greatest potential, we must work together.

am a visionary and an idealist. I am never satisfied with the status quo and I always challenge myself to do better, and be better. I believe progress is imperative; foresight and compassion can guide our actions to achieve it responsibly and humanely.

As councilmember, I will root out political stagnation, refocus the lens of leadership on policies that safeguards our future, and do what is necessary to ensure that our children will inherit a providential place they can call home.

Personal Statement

A pleasure to meet you
My name is Ian Daelucian. I’ve been a resident of Irvine since 2009. I earned a double bachelor’s in drama and philosophy from UC Irvine in 2012, and an MFA in stage management in 2016. I have held a full-time position currently as project manager at a tech firm in Irvine through the entire duration of my college education, and serve as executive director of The Heart of Delight, a foundation I founded in 2013.

Mastering the fundamentals
Mastering stage management at UCI had an unexpected and far-reaching impact on my professional career. It taught me to manage people, resources and finances in a way that ensured all interlocking pieces worked productively and in harmony. Managing people taught me diplomacy. Managing resources strengthened my muscles of creativity and innovation. And managing finances revealed to me that even when funds are limited, creativity goes a long way toward nurturing possibility and potential.

The Heart of Delight
While in graduate school, I was exposed to the world of homelessness in Orange County. What I’d previously accepted as an unavoidable aspect of society brought a new and urgent uneasiness to my heart. The discomfort grew over time, plaguing my mind with unanswerable questions about why homelessness exists in our world and ultimately, leaving one truth: No man, woman, child — even animal — deserves to be neglected or left to wither, perhaps die, alone on the street. As human beings, we find it natural — or humane — to care for the frail and to transfer our strength to those in need. We protect our children and care for our elders; we naturally connect to animals and the natural world. The struggle is something that connects each and every being. A homeless hungry human or animal will dig through the trash for food, seek refuge, love and companionship; a planet writhing in pain will reveal its scars.

In 2013, I founded The Heart of Delight, a 501(c)3 focusing on developing models of poverty alleviation that can be applied locally and scaled globally. We serve the immediate needs of the community by hosting “A RiSING Community,” regular gatherings at Santa Ana Civic Center in which life necessities — such as healthy, organic home-cooked meals, clothing, mobile showers, pet washes, California state ID cards, birth certificates and free notary services — are provided to more than 100 homeless citizens each month. Local artists and musicians, homeless or otherwise, provide inspiration and entertainment with their creative talents.Addressing the immediate, daily impacts of poverty is just a short-term patch, albeit, a necessary one. I realized that a sustainable, “future-now” approach would be necessary to begin truly alleviating poverty. This led to the design of a 4-phase model, built around the concept of holistically designed community centers, that will empower individuals to become healthy, productive, self-actualizing members of society. It is a model I hope to implement locally and beyond.

As our younger high school and college-age volunteers gain exposure to homelessness, they are learning that these citizens are not nameless or faceless, but in fact individuals with a gamut of human experience to share. Individuals who, while subject to the immense daily stress and cruelty of life on the street, can still laugh, enjoy conversation and express themselves through dance and song. Our events support a bilateral human experience that benefits everyone involved. As we raise the consciousness of impassioned young people, we move one step closer to alleviating poverty in our world.

Becoming A Weaver
The work of uplifting vulnerable populations — forging relationships with residents, partner nonprofits and government agencies — revealed two distinct elements in play: those who engage in worthy causes to build a better world, and those (far fewer in number) who “make policy” by weaving legal, social and political webs that entangle everyone’s efforts toward change. If I am to make a positive difference, I must be able to build a bridge between these distinct elements while being a voice for those in need. Only through such collaboration can we reweave the fabric of our society.

Soul searching
I immigrated to the U.S. as an adolescent, after a tumultuous, traumatic series of events that permanently tore my family apart. Being a child of a broken family, I developed a resilience against myself breaking. Out of necessity, I quickly developed self-reliance and a keen perspective on how my actions (or lack thereof), impacted the people and the world around me. I have come to intimately understand the many layers of social fabric and how one person, through dedication and service, can truly make the world a better place. I’ve done a considerable amount of soul searching to ensure my motivations are not rooted in a thirst for accolades, power or fame. What I found was the simple desire to dutifully represent my community, with skills I have acquired, to achieve the goal of improving as many lives as possible.

Every city needs and deserves a well-rounded council, one with diverse perspectives and skills, one that seeks to build a sustainable community for future generations and one that values collective progress over personal gains. That is why I decided to run for Irvine City Council.

Back to Homebase
Some say home is where you live. I can relate to that statement … I was not born here, but this is where I am now. If our lives are made up of moments, then wherever we are now — in this particular moment — is our home. It seems natural that we make that place as beautiful as it can be. But if the beauty is not sustainable, it will not last. I am inspired by Iroquois wisdom which centers around building a community that will preserve and protect the well-being of seven generations to come.

If elected to Irvine City Council, I pledge to support an environmentally safe and sustainable community, to nurture our city’s great cultural diversity through the arts, to protect the economic backbone of small businesses, and to help our city flourish. I support incentivizing use of renewable energy and green technology for individuals, business and industry. I support the development of an “arts district” that showcases local artists, musicians and performers. I support enhancing our transportation infrastructure to benefit pedestrians and bicyclists and reduce traffic density.These are just a few among a reservoir of innovative ideas that can build on Irvine’s current strengths to create a more sustainable future as one of the safest, healthiest, and most compassionate cities in America.

Please support me for Irvine City Council and join me as we continue this exciting journey together.


B.A. in Philosophy
B.A. in Drama
M.F.A. in Stage Management

Professional Experience
Nonprofit Executive Director
Nonprofit Parliamentary Officer
Project Manager
Web & Graphics Designer
Stage Manager
Event Organizer
Community Liaison
Data Analyst
Ability, Skill, & Knowledge
Digital & Multimedia Computer ScienceArts & HumanitiesHealth & Spirituality
Sound & Video RecordingWeb Design & HostingPublic SpeakingFood & Nutrition
Projection DesignIT & PC SupportPhotographyAlternative Medicine
Sound DesignMicrosoft Office SuiteActingYoga
Adobe Creative SuiteVocalizationMeditation
Hobbies & Interests
BikingVideo GamesOrganic FoodsGreen TechPhilosophy
HikingBoard GamesNutritionSustainabilityMetaphysics
TravelingMusic & MoviesMeditationPoverty AlleviationWorld Religions
People WatchingHumorAlternative MedicineSocial DevelopmentPsychology
Personality & Character

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception)

Enneagram Types: The Enthusiast, The Helper, The Achiever

Strength-Based Leadership Skills: Self-Assurance, Connectedness, Adaptability, Strategic, Ideation


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