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Ian Daelucian

“A Sustainable Future Now”

I will address our immediate needs (business, commerce, transportation, arts & culture, public health), as well as gain foresight into what our needs will be 20 – 50 years from now (renewable energy/resources, and sustainability) in order to build foundations to invite in a better future, not only for the current generations, but also for our future children that will inherit this land.”

Incentivize renewal energy and green tech for individuals, business, and industry; conserve natural resources, and maximize savings

Develop an arts district to promote local artists, performers, musical and theatre arts

Improve access to high quality, health promoting foods in schools for our children

Support and protect small businesses from displacement due to increased property values

Protect Irvine from aerial spraying of pesticides and other environmental | biological hazards

Safeguard pedestrians & bicyclists by enhancing existing infrastructure to promote active transit and reduce traffic density


Healthy People, Safe Environment, Robust Commerce, and Flourishing Arts

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Health & Vitality

“The healthiest city in America.”


  • Expand the breadth of public health education via workshops and festivals
  • Improve access to high quality, health promoting foods in local schools through partnerships with local farms
  • Encourage urban gardening and food sourcing from local farms
  • Reduce & substitute use of hazardous pesticides and chemicals in public / common spaces
  • Cultivate active lifestyles through community parks and recreational equipment enhancements
  • Leverage federal grants for healthy communities to fund these city-wide projects
  • Establish community health centers for education, prevention, and awareness of alternative therapies
Arts & Education

“Knowledge and creativity are the keys to future innovation.”


  • Energize programs in community theatre, arts, and crafts; preserve cultural and traditional heritage to celebrate diversity of the city
  • Foster the growth of local artists and artisans to support a stronger arts community
  • Seek a stronger symbiotic relationship with the University of California, Irvine for arts development and collaboration in the city
Social Equity & Activism

“Ensure the well-being of the vulnerable to protect the social resilience of the whole populace.”


  • Support efforts in relieving families and individuals experiencing food insecurity in the city
  • Active engagement in forming solutions to alleviate poverty and homelessness in the region
Sustainable Development

“Progress without sacrificing quality of life or the natural environment.”


  • responsible development with awareness of human impact and quality of life
  • promote sustainable transportation by investing in active transport infrastructure
  • ensure pedestrian and bicycle safety through street innovations and active-centric planning policies
  • future-proof the city’s master plan by maximizing green building standards and sourcing healthier sustainable materials
  • create incentives for sustainable power generation and water conservation in the city
  • anticipate infrastructure overload and prepare solutions to accommodate growth
Environmental Stewardship

“Conserve natural resources, protect the ecosystem, revitalize the environment through sustainable initiative.”


  • promote sustainable systems and innovations (agricultural irrigation, consumer, commercial and business use) to support water conservation efforts
  • use native plants throughout the city to decrease water consumption
  • enhance programs in recycling and composting through public education and ease-of-access
Community & Collaboration

“An eco-system works in the greatest harmony when each part recognizes and embraces a common goal for the greater good.”


  • Support local farms, farmer’s markets, and locally-sourced foods
  • Support and protect the growth of small businesses in the city to preserve the diversity of goods and services
  • Promote inter-agency (city, schools, police & fire departments) collaboration

Build a community that protects the well-being of the 7th generation to come.

Iroquois Wisdom

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